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“Let’s heal yourself actively”


Plain_ble_Right.png Prologue(Impressive Theater Bowline Scuba)
Bowline SCUBA, established in April, 1996, set sail with the deep affection of three staff and 100 friends. We have grown up with the concept “connection of the joy”. To join the smile and smile of the people we meet, and to join the smile and the field is our biggest joy. Each of all plays the leading role and is in the spotlight on the stage. At the same time, each of all including the staff produces impression -that is the style we aim at as the “Impressive Theater”.

Plain_ble_Right.png Chapter 1(Extent)
In 2006, we established Eating and Drinking Division (such as restaurants) and Cultural Division (such as sports studio). Thanks to it, we could go over the fence of scuba diving, and now we can see the new, wonderful smile at the restaurants and the sports studio.
In addition, we continue challenging to expand the people’s smile, based on the suggestion of four health-"physical health", "mental health", "emotional mental health" and "economical health".

Plain_ble_Right.png Chapter 2(to Yakushima)
In spring, 2008, the diving-style that Bowline has wrestled with in Kumamoto for 11 years will make its debut in Yakushima, which many people from the whole country and all over the world visit. The “Impressive Theater”, we have made in Kyusyu, being particular about safety and hospitality because of our intense desire to see the customer’s smile, will start in Yakushima.
As anyone knows, Yakushima was registered as the World Heritage. Now, it is in the spotlight because people believe that the island has the special power which can heal people. 330,000 tourists visit there a year. If the forests in the island are vigorous, the sea around the island is vigorous, too. Yakushima has its own ecosystem because of the Black Current and Tsushima Current. We can see the ecosystem underwater. We can say that it is an attractive diving point because even from the beach the pygmy seahorse or turtle which are popular among divers are easily seen.
Our catch phrase is “Let’s heal yourself actively.” in such sea. We always try to improve the quality. Because we want to help customers who are tired in the stressful world to relax and breathe deeply in Mother Nature. And we want everyone to bring "the smile of the heart" back.

Plain_ble_Right.png Chapter 3(to be continued)
“A West Coast Line Design”-starts from Yakushima to the north and up to the West Coast of Kyusyu. And from Kyushu to Asia-the dream is swelling in our hearts. We are creating epilogue (a new beginning) which can make all the people happy.
Let’s enjoy the "Impressive Theater /Bowline scuba" together which has a lot of possibilities and dreams.

About Yakushima


Yakushima is...
Yakushima is 130 kilometers in circumference. It was registered as the World Heritage. There are mountains which are more than 1,000m high, including "Mt. Miyanoura" which is the highest in Kyushu.
It is famous as a rainy island. The rain has brought up the mountains, forests, rivers and seas which are uncultivated. It is also famous as the laying eggs place of the sea turtles. If it is the laying eggs season, you can observe sea turtles' laying eggs and incubation. As for the climate, there is the Subtropical Zone (shoreline 0m) and the Subarctic Zone (Mt. Miyanoura mountaintop 1,936m). That's why we think Yakushima is valuable in a biological meaning.

What about the sea of Yakushima?
By the benefit of the Black Current, the Tropical Zone mixes with the Temperate Zone, and the sea is full of fish. It is said that the catches of fish in this area are the largest in Japan. The topography is full of ups and downs such as tunnels, cracks and waterways. You don't have to worry about the seasickness because many diving points are only 10 minutes away from the port. In addition, there is Kuchierabujima by ship in one hour, and it is possible for the expedition depending on sea conditions, too

What about the land of Yakushima?
Speaking of Yakushima, there is the image of "the mountain". A mountain begins with the immediate side of the human township. On the way to the diving point, there is a possibility to come across monkeys and deer! In addition, in Yakushima, there are a lot of waterfalls which you can see from the very close location. You can enjoy riding on the kayak in the river on the last day of your stay.

What about the foods of Yakushima?
Of course our recommendation is fresh fish and shellfish! Especially, "Kubioresaba"(the mackerel which is caught in the morning and which neck is broken to let the blood out of the body to keep the freshness). If you find "Kubioresaba" on the menu at restaurants, we recommend you to order it!
Besides, Yakushima has the foods of the southern country such as ramen which broth is made from "Ago" TANKAN and PONKAN!

■Diving Prices

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Night Diving  
1 tank  
Early Morning Diving  
Beach 1 tank  
Boat 1 tank  
Experience Diving 
1 tank beach Age 10 over
1 tank boat Age 10 over
2 tanks 1beach+1boat Age 10 over
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Mask + Snorkel + Fin + boots + globe  
mask/snorkel/fin/boots/globe 1 item
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